• Spiral costumes

    Spiral costumes

    Costumes for the dance show Discomfort in Comfort by the Spiral dance group.

  • Dancing Dress

    Dancing Dress

    A kinetic dress that dances to your remote control.

  • Robo necklace

    Robo necklace

    Stitched necklaces.

  • Number dress

    Number dress

    A paper dress

  • Limbus live show

    Limbus live show

    Stage costumes and instruments for a music performance by Limbus.

  • Landnám


    Artwork of accessories made for the exhibition Landnám by Attikatti for DesignMarch ( Iceland’s most important annual design …

  • Limbus


    Costumes for a music video and installation by Limbus.

  • Kite hex and diamond

    Kite hex and diamond

    Dresses made from kite material.

  • The hexagon dress

    The hexagon dress

    A paper dress that changes colors.

  • Cityscape


    Cityscape fashion

  • Robot Owl

    Robot Owl

    Owl sculptures.

  • Agricultural heels

    Agricultural heels

    Metal casted heels

  • Inside Outside Nakedside

    Inside Outside Nakedside

    Textile studies.

  • Watchlet


    Stitched Watchlets

  • About Ninna

    About Ninna

    Ninna Thorarinsdottir is a conceptual designer from Iceland.

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